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value 0


When clicking on the first few pixels of the rate it box, the items is being rated 0.

I've been using rateit for a few days now,thanks!

I just noticed there are a bunch of 0 values being submitted to my database.

I want the possible values should be only 1,2,3,4,5 and I want users to be able to update their rating but not delete, so this is why I am using data-rateit-resetable="false" which from the documentation seems to not display reset button:
HTML: data-rateit-resetable, JS: resetable = when not readonly, whether to show the reset button (default: true)
This is my HTML:
<div class="rateit bigstars" id="rateit-poemdetail" data-rateit-starwidth="32" data-rateit-starheight="32" data-rateit-step="1" data-rateit-resetable="false"></div>
This is my javascript:
$('#rating_wrapper .rateit').bind('rated reset', function (e) {
What am I doing wrong? Is it including reset in my Javascript?
How are users submitting a rating of 0, I'm not able to duplicate this?